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How to Set up Signature in Outlook?

You must have noticed people sending emails with their personalized signatures (a logo of their business, images, texts, or a handwritten signature). Do you also want to create and add a signature in Outlook? By the time you finish checking this post out, you will have practical knowledge about how to set up a signature in Outlook.

In business environments, email signatures are pretty common. Agree? Without giving a second thought, we persuade you to check this guide to gain ample knowledge that would help you set up a signature in Outlook.

Steps to Set up Signature in Outlook – Adding Signature to Messages

How to create your signature and add it to your messages?

  • Launch Outlook and open a new email message.
  • Go to the “Message” menu and select “Signature” > “Signatures”.

(The “Message” menu might vary depending on the size of your Outlook window.)

  • Choose “New” under “Select signature to edit”.
  • In the dialog box “New Signature”, you need to give a name for the signature.
  • Now, you can compose your signature by clicking “Edit signature”. Here, you can give whatever font size and font color that you want. Also, you can add borders, tables, or bullets in case you wish to have a robust signature. You may, further, like to check out Outlook’s pre-designed templates and see if that meets your needs. If any pre-designed templates fit your bill, you can download the same in Word and customize it. Drag the same into the box “Edit signature”.

Note: You can do many things to your signature such as adding images or links, social media icons, etc.

  • You need to set the following options for your signature under “Choose default signature” –
  • Go to the drop-down box “E-mail account” where you can select an account to associate with the signature. If you select more than one email account, you can choose different signatures for each of them. Choose (none) if you don’t wish to add a signature to new email messages automatically.
  • In the drop-down menu “Replies/forwards”, you can select one of your signatures to appear in the email measles that you reply to and forward.
  • Click “OK” to save your new signature.

That’s not it! You need to add a signature manually. To do so, click “Signature” from the “Message” menu, and select the signature that you have created.

How to Add an Image or Company Logo to Your Signature?

If you run a business and wish to add its logo to your signature, here are the steps to follow.

  • Click on the new message and select “Signature” > “Signatures”.
  • Look for the “Select signature to edit” box. Now, you need to select the signature to add an image or logo.
  • To “Insert” the image, click on the “Image” icon, and locate the image file on your system.
  • Right-click the image if you want to resize the image and then click “Picture”. To resize your image, select “Size”, and check the “Lock aspect ratio” box.
  • Click on the “OK” option when you are done.
  • Select “OK” again to save the changes to your signature

Want to insert a signature manually if you don’t select to insert a signature for all replies, forwards, or new messages? Here’s how you can do it –

  • Go to the “Message” tab in your email message and click “Signature”.
  • Click “Signature” (choose the one that you want to insert).
  • That’s it!

If you need professional’s help, contact Outlook Customer Support!

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