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How to Recover SBCGlobal Email Password?

Some of the SbcGlobal email users might not be aware that SbcGlobal email has been acquired by AT&T. Since the merger, a lot of users are experiencing confusion in signing in to their SbcGlobal email account or operating certain features and functions in it. One of the most common issues that users face trouble is resetting their SbcGlobal email account. If you have forgotten your SbcGloboal email account password, you can regain access to your account by resetting its password. To know how to reset your SbcGlobal email account, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

Steps to Recover SbcGlobal Email Account Password

1.) Go to the ATT sign-in page on your web browser.

2.) Once you are on the AT&T sign-in page on your computer, you will need to click on the “Forgot Password?” link located below the sign-in box. Doing so will direct you to the password reset page on the next page.

3.) Once you are on the Password Reset page on the next screen, you will need to enter your SbcGlobal User ID in the provided field and your Last name in the Last name field.

NOTE: In case you have forgotten your User ID and not password, you will need to select the Forgot User ID option on the sign-in page.

4.) Next, you will need to enter the CAPTCHA shown in the image on your screen in the prompted field and then click on the Continue button.

5.) On the next page, you will be given the following two options to recover your SBCGlobal email account:

  • Send me a temporary password.
  • I’ll answer my security questions.

6.) If you know the answer to the security questions associated with your SbcGlobal email account, you will need to select the second options and follow the further instructions accordingly to reset your SbcGlobal email account password.

7.) However, if you have forgotten the answer for the security question, you will need to select the first option “Send me a temporary password” and press the Continue button. While you will receive a temporary password on your phone number/alternate email address, you will also be taken to the SBCGlobal sign-in page (AT&T sign-in page). As you will use the temporary password on the sign-in page, you will be prompted to create a new password for your SbcGlobal email account.

NOTE: In case you close the SbcGlobal email sign-in window accidentally, there is nothing to worry as you can easily reset the password of your account by going to the SBCGlobal sign-in page and using the temporary password.

So, these are the steps you will need to follow to reset the password of your SbcGlobal email account and gain access to it.

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