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How to Recover and Change Skype Password


Skype is indeed an essential part of our life. Everyone uses Skype in their day to day life whether in college or at work. Skype is available on iOS, Mac OX, Android, and on Windows Store and Linux as well. Moreover, a web and a desktop version are also available for Windows desktop. Most people use Skype for their private chat too as a result; the password should be strong enough to guess so that no one can get access to your private chats. As a Skype user, you can recover or reset the password anytime you like. Make sure that you have access to the registered email address and phone number. Keep reading to know about the process to change or recover the password of Skype.

Existing Password: If you remember the existing password but want to change it.

Follow These Steps to Change Skype Password

  • Sign-in to Skype and click on Skype on the left-hand side. At the drop-down, choose “My Account

Skype messenger sign in

  • Now you shall be redirected to a different page. Click on “Account Settings

Skype account settings

  • Now select “Change Password” you will be asked to log in again. Log in.

change skype account password

  • Verify the identity of the accounts by typing the complete email address and providing the correct code sent in your email.

change Skype password

  • Choose the new password.

change your skype password

Steps to Recover Your Forgotten Skype Password

Reset Forgotten Password: If you forgot the password, no problem! Skype gives you access to reset your forgotten password. Just keep following…

  • Use the “forgot password” option to reset the password.
  • Click on the “forgot password” button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and verify your identity.
  • Once you complete the verification of your identity, you will be given a chance to reset the password.

Skype password only be recovered or changed if you have access to the registered email address.  If you don’t have the access to the registered email address and you want to recover the password, the chances are very slim. If Skype application isn’t working properly, use the web version of Skype. Open a browser and type //login.skype.com and follow the on-screen instruction to change or reset the password. After changing the password, if you aren’t able to sign-in successfully, it is recommended that you delete the cookies, temporary files of the system, or uninstall the application and reinstall it again. It shall work perfectly fine.

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