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Hotmail email is one of the earliest email services that are highly popular all over the world. Hotmail is known for offering various attractive features to its users. But at the same time, there are different technical problems that the Hotmail users may have to face. Whether you are unable to attach a file to the email or having trouble with your account settings, you can get prompt solutions to any Hotmail problem from our proficient Hotmail support. Our skilled and qualified team of professionals is available 24/7 via live chat, email and phone number.

Common Hotmail Problems:

There are different problems that the Hotmail users may have to face. Some of the technical issues with Hotmail services are as mentioned below:

  • Unable to login to Hotmail account
  • Forgot Hotmail password
  • Unable to download an attached document
  • Missing email from inbox
  • Unable to edit MS office documents attached with an email
  • Trouble with third party client configuration
  • Cannot send or receive emails
  • Compromised Hotmail account
  • Receiving messages from blocked emails
  • Unable to access Skype account from Hotmail inbox

Hotmail is a reliable email service provider that understands the trouble a user has to face when he is having trouble with the Hotmail services. That is why Hotmail is offering solutions to the users via Hotmail customer support.

How to Contact Official Hotmail Customer Service:

Hotmail is offering following sources to the users to avail solutions to any of their Hotmail related problem:

Live Chat

Join the live chat session with Hotmail Experts and get instant solutions for all your issues. Experts are available online for 24 hours.


Hotmail email services are solved instantly. Just dial the toll-free number and tell your problem to experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Official community

Post your Hotmail queries on the official Microsoft community and get reply from experts. Share your problems with Microsoft-certified professionals and get assured fixes.

Official Website

Hotmail official customer support can be accessed through Microsoft’s official website. Cut long waiting time and find instant solution with us.

Need for 24/7 Third Party Hotmail Customer Support Phone Number:

It is a matter of extreme importance, especially for professional users, to avail solutions to the email problems faster. Waiting longer to get solutions is not possible in most scenarios. That makes very important to have an access to such a Hotmail customer care that is instantly accessible via phone. It can put a user to a fast track to get a solution. We are offering such a customer support to the users. Our skilled professionals are instantly accessible round the clock. They are highly skilled and qualified and capable of offering prompt solutions to even the most complicated Hotmail problem.

Hotmail Customer Service Support Number

Unable to login to Hotmail account There are different factors that can make a user unable to access his Hotmail account. Our skilled professionals are well-aware of all the related issues and can instantly eliminate the root cause and offer you a care-free access to your Hotmail account.

Unable to send or receive emails It can be irritating if you are unable to perform the very basic task of email service. But you can contact us if you are having the trouble as our experienced professionals can conveniently resolve the problem.

Unable to access Skype services: If you are unable to utilize integrated Skype services, you can rely on our skilled Hotmail technical support for an instant and permanent fix.

Compromised Hotmail account: A compromised email account is an alarming situation where a user requires an instant recovery of the account. If your Hotmail account is compromised, you should contact our skilled and qualified technicians immediately. They can offer you instant and complete recovery of Hotmail account without any trouble.

Problems with third party add-on integration If you are having problem with the integration, our Hotmail professionals can instant fix the problem and integrate any of your required add-on.

How We Are Better Than Official Hotmail Customer Support:

There are various features of our high quality third party customer support that make us better than the official customer support. Our attractive features make us the first and most preferred choice of a Hotmail user who requires a reliable and customized solution faster. Given below is a comparison of few of our features with the official tech support of Hotmail:

Official Hotmail Customer Support

Third Party Customer Support

Longer waiting periods to hear from experts

Instant and direct access to experts

Slow response

Instant response to all customer queries

Unavailable during weekends and after work hours

Available round the clock

Delayed solutions

Prompt solutions

No remote access

Solutions via secure remote access

Longer waiting even on phone call

Instant access to experts via toll free number (Canada and USA)

Confusing solutions

Simple and easy to implement solutions

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