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How to Get Back Missing Emails in Outlook


Stop using the old version of Outlook on your PC as of now. There might be a possibility that your emails will bounce back if the emails are sent to the older one. The web-based suite of webmail needs to be updated to the latest version so that uninterrupted emails can arrive in your inbox section. The issue leaves many Outlook users quite frustrated and they find no way to get back their missing mails.

Gladly, they can get their missing emails via the procedure as given below:

The simple way to get back the missing emails:

1-Export old mail history

  • Initially, you need to open Outlook and enter the File tab
  • And choose Open & Export
  • Then after clicking the Import/Export button and choose Export to a file
  • Later on, choose Outlook Data File (.pst)
  • Next, you have to select the mail account
  • Make sure ‘Include subfolders’ is ticked
  • And you need to click Next
  • Choose an easy location like your desktop and name the file
  • Finally, hit the Finish button

2-Secondly, create a new Outlook profile and install email again

  • The next steps say to Add a new Outlook profile through the Control Panel / Mail icon / Show Profiles / Add button
  • You can use Outlook wizard for automatically configuring the account
  1. Import your old email history

Once your new account is up and working you can import your old email history like this:

  • Initially, you need to open your new account in Outlook
  • And click the File tab and choose Open & Export
  • Then enter the Import/Export button and choose Import from another file or program
  • Afterward, click Next
  • Choose Outlook Data File (.pst)
  • After that click Next
  • Enter the Browse button and then find PST file on your desktop
  • Click the Open button then Finish
  • You have to wait for sometime
  • Lastly, wait a minute for all the history to finish the syncing process.

You will see all your missing emails on your device screen or laptop after finishing the syncing process.

In case for any reason you fail to acquire emails back in your Outlook, you can for sure get the required assistance in no time.

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