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How To Fix Yahoo Error Code 500 – Check Out Easy Steps

There have been various interrupting situations, where users get stuck because of some technical issues which occur suddenly on your device screen. One such error is known as Yahoo Mail Error 500, where users are not being able to access their Yahoo account due to registry data is damaged or revised because of some reasons. Encountering Yahoo Email Error Code 500 is not an expected situation for the Yahoo mail user, however, the user gets full support to fix this situation by implementing easy and quick-fix troubleshooting steps to fix Yahoo Error Code 500. If you are in the same situation and want to overcome the flaw then try these methods.

Note: The error code 500, usually happens while you start-up your system, program opening, installing and uninstalling the application, and performing a shut-down process.

Yahoo Error Code 500: Know the Causes

There are multiple reasons that cause the Yahoo Email Error Code 500 on your Yahoo mail screen. Check the major ones:

  • Corrupted or infected window registries
  • Partial or incomplete installation of the application
  • Presence of any virus or malicious code
  • Accidently deleted the setup file of some program can also lead the situation of dealing Yahoo Error Code 500.

Understand Its Symptoms

  • Facing difficulty to access your Yahoo account.
  • When you are trying to browse or open your account the web browser shows some internal server issue.
  • The current browser has blocked the Yahoo site because of some suspicious activity.
  • Having a large section off spamming emails in your yahoo email.

What You Typically Face After Having Error Code 500?

  1. Unsuccessful or failed login in Yahoo.
  2. All your delivered emails getting back as undelivered.
  3. You can’t be able to edit the dates to the Yahoo calendar.
  4. Unable to create a new event or remove the old events from the Yahoo calendar.
  5. Issues while syncing the other calendar to Yahoo one.

Guide to Fix Yahoo Error Code 500 (Steps To Follow)

If you face an Error code 500 in your Yahoo account, don’t need to panic. All you need to do is just follow the troubleshooting steps (given-below) and perform certain steps against the error code.

Note: This error is too sensitive to handle, so you should treat it carefully. The error might damage your Windows and thus your basic function may get affected very badly.

  • First of all you are required to verify your internet connection.
  • Make sure to reboot your pc as well as your email account.
  • Repair all registry entries related with Yahoo mail error 500.
  • Make sure to use an authorized version of the window.
  • On a weekly basis make a full scanning to your PC.
  • Delete your system junk folders and temp files simply by using disk cleanup.
  • Clean out all caches and cookies data of the device.
  • Update all drivers present in your computer/ laptop.
  • Use “Windows system restore” option to undo all the recent changes you had made with your system.
  • Examine out your device settings and execute suitable changes (if needed).
  • Uninstall and re-install Yahoo messenger program to quick-fix the issue.
  • Make sure to disable all the extensions and adds of your web browser.
  • Run your Windows system file checker by typing “sfc/scannow” in the “Windows + R”
  • Disable your security software such as Antivirus software.
  • Check and install all required updates for your operating system.
  • At last, execute a clean installation process for Windows OS.

Try these solutions to solve Yahoo Error Code 500; in case, you are still facing the issue, then contact the technicians will be the best you have at last.

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