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Epson Workforce WF 3640 Troubleshooting

Epson Workforce WF 3640, powered by Precision Core Technology, produces output with a maximum size of 8.5” X 14”. For colored output, the printer prints at 10 ISO ppm, and for black print outs, the speed is 19 ISO ppm. Compared to color laser, Epson Workforce WF 3640 is pretty economical with 40% lower printing costs. Users looking for remote printing will make the most out of it since Wi-Fi and wireless options are included. Despite all these amazing features, the machine, too, experiences numerous issues. In this guide, you will learn the Epson Workforce WF 3640 troubleshooting tips to get rid of certain issues.

Epson Workforce WF 3640 Troubleshooting Tips

Whether you are looking for steps to complete Epson WF 3640 setup or facing issues while connecting your printer to computer, we will ensure you have the information right at your disposal.

1. Epson WF 3640 Setup: Are you following the right steps to complete the setup of your Epson WF 3640? If not sure, go through the below-mentioned steps and carry them out as instructed.

• Open your newly purchased Epson printer carton.
• Make the best use of the provided handles to lift the printer out of the carton.
• After removing the blue tapes and unpacking the printer accessories, you need to power up the printer from an electric outlet via the power cable inserted at the printer’s rear.
• Switch the Epson Workforce WF 3640 printer on, set the language, and check other details meticulously.
• Next, pull up the lid. You will see the ink supply system.
• After unpacking the ink cartridges, you have to remove the yellow tags.
• You need to make sure they are loaded into the right holders.
• Now, close the lid once completed, and then hit the install button.
• You will then have to load plain paper into the paper feeder.
• The next step involves putting the tray into the printer.
• Press the OK button and print a test page.
• Connect the printer to the computer via Wi-Fi network or with a USB cable.
• After that install the printer software on your system.
• You are now all set to print. Start printing!

Check the above-steps properly and make corrections if you were following the wrong steps.

2. Guide to Connect Epson Workforce WF 3640 to the Computer: Here’s a perfect workaround to connect your printer to computer. The printer can be connected to your PC using the Wi-Fi Direct mode. Do away with any issues that stop you from connecting your Epson WF 3640 printer to the computer.

• On the printer, press the Home button, and follow “How to Connect Epson WF 3640 to Computer”.
• Look for the icon “Wireless” and click on the “Wi-Fi Setup”.
• Now tap “Wi-Fi Direct Setup” and click on “Connection Setup”.
• Then click on the “Choose Password” option and press the “Yes” option.
• You will see a keyword displayed.
• Use it to enter a password.
• Press the “Exit” button. You can now see the Wi-Fi network name and password.
• Now, turn to your computer to find the same network. It will show or display in your wireless network list.
• Choose the same, enter the password (already entered in the previous steps), find an AP, D, or Direct connection symbol. It should be found on the screen of your printer.
• You are all set to print directly from your computer.

For any query or technical help, contact Epson Customer Support!

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