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Epson Expression ET-2550 Multi-Functional Inkjet Printer


Epson Expression ET 2550 Printer, a multi-functional inkjet printer, sets up instantly for quick printing. It is an integrated printer useful for daily printing, scanning and copying requirements.

The printer is designed to simplify the printing work with maximum efficiency through 9 ppm normal print speed. It has Contact Image Sensor (CIS) which enables high quality scanning with rich color reproduction.

With a paper handling capacity of up to 100 pages; the Epson ET supports glossy paper, single/double-sided presentation paper matte, all paper sizes (A4, A5, A6 and B5) and envelopes.

Features of Epson Expression ET 2550

  • Sleek design
  • Ultimate Performance
  • Wireless and cloud printing
  • High resolution printing and scanning with CIS
  • Inbuilt feature for direct scanning to Facebook
  • High quality images and text
  • Ultra Fast
  • Userfriendly

How to set up Epson Expression ET 2550?

Getting the Printer Ready

  • Remove the printer from packaging and take out the protective blue tape.
  • Connect power cable.
  • Open tank and remove the tank stoppers (lids).
  • Pour the ink into corresponding tanks (see the color labels above tanks) with care.
  • Replace the lids when ink is filled.
  • Switch on the printer power button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now Press and hold ‘OK’ for 3 seconds. The ink will take up to 20 minutes to charge up.
  • Now user can connect the printer to his computer, install the drivers and start using the printer.

Setting up and Registering in Epson Connect

  • Turn ON the printer.
  • Install Epson connect set up from the driver installation disk. Users can also download the Printer drivers form the online Epson store.
  • Start the Epson Connect; the program will automatically find the printer.
  • Select the printer and click Next/Continue.
  • Now select Printer Registration and click Next/Continue.
  • The License Agreement page will appear. Click on the box next to ‘Agree’ and then click Next/Continue.
  • Provide all the details and click Finish to complete the process.
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Epson ET 2550 Printer Common Problems and Their Solutions

Problem: Red Light Blinking


The red blinking light indicates low ink level. The built-in ink level warning system is programmed to count till 4000 pages. So, when the printing level reaches, red light blinks.

The error can be cleared by removing the ink tanks while the light is blinking. Refill the tank with the ink when it is low.

Problem: Cartridge Recognition Errors


If ink system or cartridge is not recognized, check if you are using third party ink tanks or cartridges. Epson printers are designed not to recognize such parts.

Fix the error message by restarting the printer. If you still see the error, replace the third party part with original Epson parts.

Problem: Alignment Issue


Alignment issue means problem in the print head which shows misaligned vertical lines in the printed document.

This problem can be solved through Print Head Alignment tool. Access the printer software and set the print head to automatic alignment mode.

Problem: Paper Jam


To solve the issue, follow the steps given below:

Shut down the computer and press the paper button on the printer to eject the jammed paper. If this doesn’t work, open the printer cover and remove the jammed papers carefully. Reload the papers and press paper button to continue printing.

If you find it difficult to remove the jammed paper, don’t use force. Take help of a technician.

Problem: Low Print Quality


Low print quality might occur due to issue with the paper. Check if the paper is damp or curled. Make sure the paper meets the specifications provided in the user manual. You can also try cleaning the paper path and aligning the print head to solve the problem. If the issue exists, look for more solutions in the user’s guide.

Problem: Cannot start scan


Try the following fixes to solve the issue:

  • Check the cables if they are connected securely on both the ends.
  • Make sure Epson Scan is selected as your scanning program.
  • If system is running on Sleep or standby mode, bring it to normal mode.
  • Check if you are running multiple version of Epson Scan. Keep only one.

The User’s guide has solution to all the possible errors your printer could have. So refer to it. And, if you can’t follow the instructions provided there, assistance from a technician will be a good idea.

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