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How to Check Recent Yahoo! Mail Login Activities


Yahoo allows you to monitor your recent log-in activities so that you can keep your account safe. If you find any unfamiliar log-in, you can track the IP address. However, do remember that unfamiliar log-in is sometimes due to legitimate reasons such as Internet provider using proxy location or mobile device picking the wrong location. So, take the necessary steps after analyzing every aspect.

Checking Recent Yahoo Login Activity

  • Sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account with a valid email id and password.

Yahoo Sign in Page

  • When you are redirected to your mailbox, you will see your user name on the top right side. Move your mouse over it and a small screen will appear. Select the ‘Account Info’ link.

Yahoo Account info page


  • You can reach the ‘Account Info’ page from the gear icon too. Locate the icon next to your user name. Move the mouse over it and from the drop-down select the last option ‘Account Info.’
  • On the page that follows, click on the ‘Recent activity’ option (third option) on the left side menu.

Yahoo Recent Login Activity

  • When you click it, you will see the ‘Recent activity’ page on the right side listing your recent login activities. You will see your browser name and session records. Sing-in history of the past 30 days is maintained by Yahoo.

Yahoo mail activity login help

  • Go through all activities and see if you find anything suspicious. Click on the activity that is unfamiliar and a pop-up window will appear showing your sign in details from that device for the past 30 days. You will also see the IP address used for sign-in.
Important: If you see any unusual login activity, click on the ‘change your password’ link at the top of recent activity details. Take the step immediately to save your account from the potential hack.

Change Yahoo mail password

Found Something Suspicious?

If you found something suspicious, the first thing is to change your password. If you want to track the IP address and hacker, follow this. Note down the IP address you see for suspicious login. It will be used to track the hacker since IP addresses are unique. Work with local Internet service providers or cybercrime cell in your area to track the IP address and hacker. There are chances that the person using that IP address is not at fault because accounts are compromised using the automated hacking program.

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Don SPosted on5:24 pm - Jul 28, 2018

I cannot log into my yahoo. The password has been changed and the recovery email that is listed I don’t have access to it anymore. Hoe can I get back into my yahoo acct?

RoyPosted on7:33 pm - Sep 5, 2018

I want to delink cellphone number from my account

Mark LawrencePosted on5:56 am - Feb 18, 2019

I had the inconvenience of losing my phone. The person that has my phone has hacked my email addresses. I noticed the person put a 18 at the end of the acknowledgement. I have filed a police report. Is there anyway to shut the site down.

AnniePosted on5:31 am - Apr 12, 2019

I cannot log into my yahoo. The password has been changed and the recovery email that is listed I don’t have access to it anymore. Hoe can I get back into my yahoo acct?


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My yahoo account is not opening

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I can’t get into my yahoo account. My account is cainjacqueline937[at]yahoo.com. What is the problem? Thank You

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My password was changed and I don’t have access to the phone number nor shadetreebabe87[at]gmail.com or nettesmith29[at]gmail.com how do access my email account

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