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How to Change Yahoo Account Password


Yahoo account is secure with a password that you use while signing up. You can get access to your Yahoo account with that password. In the recent past, frequent attacks on Yahoo account and hacking makes it more prone.

You need to keep your account safe and secure with a strong password if you don’t have any. In case; you haven’t changed your password for a long while or if you forgot your Yahoo Account password then you can change it easily. We have this guide for you which helps to change your Yahoo Account Password from various devices.

Change Yahoo Password from Desktop/Web browser

If you are using a web browser or using a desktop then you need to follow these steps. Here you should be ready with a new password that contains a letter, numbers, and special characters too. This helps to create a stronger and secure password.

  • The first step is to go to your Yahoo Account Info page with your username and password but if you are using the browser on your mobile device then tap on the Menu icon and sign-in


Change Yahoo Account Info

  • Here you need to click on Account Security option

Yahoo Account Settings

  • Now click on Change password

Change Yahoo mail Password

  • Then you need to enter and confirm your new password; make sure passwords are case-sensitive too. Here you need to create a unique password

Change New Yahoo Mail Password

  • Then click on Continue for final submission

Yahoo mail password

  • Your Yahoo Account password has been changed; use new password now onwards

Change Yahoo Account Password from Android Mobile App

Change Yahoo Account Password from Android Mobile App

This is a quick process as you can directly change your Yahoo password within the app. See how it works with these steps.

  • First, you need to open Yahoo app from your Android-based mobile phone that your account is signed-in
  • Here tap on the Menu icon
  • Then go to Manage Accounts and tap on it
  • Here beside your account, you need to tap on Account info
  • And then find Security Settings; simply tap on it
  • Now you need to tap on Change Password
  • Then you need to tap on No, I want to change my password
  • Simply follow on-screen instructions and provide a new & unique password

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Change Yahoo Account Password from iPhone Mobile app

Change Yahoo Account Password from iPhone Mobile app

Your iPhone uses one of the most secure OS in mobile devices. But for extra security and safety, you can change your Yahoo password from iPhone too. In fact, this will help you to protect from unauthorized access to your Yahoo account. You can easily change your Yahoo account password with this step-by-step guide.

  • If you want to change your Yahoo password form iPhone then go to “Yahoo” app on your phone
  • Now, at the top left tab on the Sidebar of this app window
  • You need to scroll down and tap on “Account info
  • Here from the personal window that comes you need to tap on “Account Security” and then tap on “Change Security” option
  • Now you need to enter a new password of 8-32 characters and then re-enter the password for confirmation
  • And finally, tap on “Continue”; your password has been changed now
  • Now you can get access with a new password

Reset forgotten Yahoo account password

If you forgot your Yahoo account password or if you are unable to recall it or maybe you are not able to sign-in with your Yahoo account password then you can reset it to gain access to your account once again. If you want to reset your Yahoo password then click on Yahoo online helper and change it.

If you still find any problem with changing or resetting your Yahoo account password then you can get an instant solution from our toll-free helpline number for Yahoo customer service and support team.

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