How to Fix Skype Crash Issue on Windows 10?

How to Fix Skype Crash Issue on Windows 10?


A lot of people using Windows 10 are facing issues of Skype getting crashed on their desktop. There can be more than numerous reasons causing this error. This post is aimed at fixing the Skype crash error on Windows 10 operating system. Follow the steps thoroughly to get a favorable result for this annoying problem.

Steps to Fix Crash Issue on Windows 10

  1. First of all delete application data files of Skype from your system.
  2. To do so, go to C drive and open the “users” folder. Locate the App Data folder in it.
  3. If you are not able to locate it, it might be hidden in the system. To unhide it, select the tab view on the top left corner. A drop down will appear.
  4. Click on the last tab “options”, a window will appear.
  5. In this window, check the box with “Show hidden, files, folders and drives” option.
  6. Click on “Apply” and you will be able to see the AppData folder. Double click on it.
  7. Now, double click on the “Roaming” folder and then on the Skype folder.
  8. Delete all the files present under this folder.
  9. Now you will need to re-install Skype.
  10. To re-install the Skype app, first, uninstall it by going to Control Panel > Programs and Features. Look for the Skype program. Right-click on it and click uninstall.
  11. Restart your PC after the application gets uninstalled.
  12. Now, download the compatible version of Skype for Windows 10 from a trustworthy source.
  13. Install and open the application.
  14. Sign in using your user id and password.
  15. Make sure you keep your Skype updated all the time.
  16. To manually look for Skype updates, just log in to the Skype application and go to the “help” tab located on the upper left corner (next to the “Tools” option).
  17. Click on the “Help” option and locate the “Check for updates” column in the dropdown.
  18. This will help you know if there is any update available for Skype or not.

In addition to the above, also scan your system for any malicious virus or online threats. Keep your system up-to-date. Also, make sure that your drivers are up-to-date and webcam and headset are compatible with your Skype app.

In case if you still feel face crashing error in your Skype, you can always ask for assistance from us. Our technical support team is available round the clock. Our team assures that your problem is solved in the most prudent manner, without causing you a lot of your valuable time. Be it a crash issue, login errors, quality problem, or any other sort of trouble, our team possesses enough expertise and potential to bring the best possible solution judiciously for all Skype related problems.

How to Get Better Call Quality in Skype


Skype application is indispensable as a great means of communication when it’s about business communication, call, video conferencing, sharing files, and much more. The reliability and scalability of Skype make the software very useful for both personal and professional use. Smooth connectivity and user-friendliness are other great aspects that make Skype better than its competitor. However, many people find the call quality of Skype not up to their expectations and search for ways to improve call quality on Skype. Considering this factor, with this post we will help you know a few tips and tricks to get better call quality on Skype. Follow the instructions properly and make the most of the Skype calls.

Steps to Getting Better Call Quality In Skype

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Skype. Not only you but make sure that the person you are calling is also using the latest version of Skype. You can always look for the latest version available on the official website of Skype.
  2. Check for your internet connection and ensure that it has a strong WiFi signal. For a better experience, go for a wired
  3. When making calls, try not to use the internet for any other purposes like online videos, downloading, etc.
  4. Check your Webcam and Speaker/Microphone connection as they can also be responsible for poor call quality on Skype. Make sure your speakers are not muted. You can make a test call to ensure that the Webcam and Headset are working fine.
  5. It is suggested to buy Headsets and Webcams that are recommended for Skype use. You can use this link // to get the best set of Webcam and headset for your Skype calling.
  6. Make sure that your audio and video drivers are up-to-date.
  7. It is also suggested to check that your system meets the minimum system requirement to make a Skype call. In case you make Skype calls through a laptop, it is best to keep it on AC power as this will let your laptop perform to its maximum capacity.
  8. In case you are making a group call, your device should have enough processing potential and network bandwidth to bear the load. Group calls can sometimes put too much strain on your device (being a host) and which can result in poor call quality.

Performing all this action will surely take you Skype calling to a great level. But in case you still don’t get satisfied with the quality, you can have our expert’s advice that will help you improve the call quality on Skype easily and instantly. We offer our service round the clock, so feel free to contact us whenever you want.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently


Facebook doesn’t attract you anymore? Here is a guide to help you delete your Facebook account permanently from the social media platform.

Note: After you delete your Facebook account permanently, you cannot reactivate it or retrieve any data you have shared on your profile.

If you have decided not to use Facebook again, you can make a request to delete your account permanently. However, before moving ahead, you can download a copy of the information you have shared on your profile. There might be some pictures that you only have in your social media account. In case you want to keep a backup of such pictures, get a data copy. Your data copy includes posts, photos, videos, conversations, and about info. Let us help you in getting your data; follow these easy steps.

Steps to Delete Facebook Account

  • Sign in to your account and click the inverted triangle at the top right of your Facebook page. (Follow the red arrow in the image below.)

Facebook Support

  • Select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu that appear.
  • Find the ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’ link (indicated by the red arrow) on the page that follows. Make sure the ‘General’ option is selected on the left side panel. Click on it and follow the instructions.

Facebook General Settings

Once you have archived your data, you can move ahead to delete your Facebook account.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

This is like a second chance to think over your decision. If you still want to move ahead, click on ‘Delete my account.’ Follow the onscreen instructions to confirm which generally include entering your password and security text. See below.

Delete Your Facebook Account Permanent

It takes approximately 3 months (90 days) to delete all your posts, likes, status updates, and other data stored in Facebook’s backup systems. Other people (your friends) using the social networking platform cannot access any of your data during the deletion process.

Please note that there is something related to you that cannot be deleted even if your profile is completely deleted. One such thing is your messages in your friend’s inbox. They will remain until your friend is a member of the social networking platform. If you want them to be removed, contact the concerned person (your friend.)

Having trouble deleting your account? Contact the Technical Facebook support team to do it on your behalf.

Configure Yahoo mail on Windows 10

How to set up Yahoo mail on Windows 10

Windows 10 Mail app is the best in-house email client by Microsoft to date. It offers a smooth configuration to leading email services viz. Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. While for the first two configuration process is like a cakewalk, for the latter it is not. Yahoo users are facing signing in trouble with the Mail app. It would not be right to term it as trouble; it is just a setting modification. So, here is what all Yahoo users can do and enjoy the amazing Windows 10 Mail app.

Make these changes in your Yahoo account before configuring to Windows 10 Mail App

  • Open your browser and log in to your Yahoo account.
  • Hover the mouse over your name in the top right corner and click on ‘Account Info.’
  • On the page that appears; select the ‘Account security’ option from the left panel.
  • In the right-side panel that appears; find ‘Allow apps that use the less secure sign in’ option. Turn on the slider next to this option (move it to right with the mouse.)
  • Click on ‘Save.’

After the above process is complete, configure your Yahoo! Mail account with the Windows 10 Mail app following the instructions below:

  • Use your Microsoft account to log in to Windows 10. Now click on the windows icon at the bottom left of the taskbar. Click on the ‘Mail’ tile to open the app.

Configure Yahoo mail on windows

  • A welcome page will appear with an ‘Add account’ option, click it.

Add yahoo mail account

  • From the list that appears on the screen; choose the Yahoo Mail option. The above steps are common for all the email accounts you want to add.

windows 10 mail yahoo settings

yahoo windows live mail

  • Now you will be asked to enter a user name. Do that and click ‘Sign in.’

windows 10 yahoo mail app

  • Your account is now set up successfully. Syncing will start as soon as the setup is complete. Click ‘Done.’

yahoo mail settings for windows 10

Things didn’t work out well? Get Support for help Contact Yahoo customer service for immediate help.

Compromised Skype account


There are lots of reasons that I don’t want my Skype account to be secure. It has my professional contact details and conversations, this also has my personal contact too which I don’t want to be misused by anyone. This is the reason that I use a difficult password and try protecting my Skype account; you can say it was “hack-proof.”

Yes; you got it correct. I had that feeling because I was using a difficult password for protection and kept an eye for more security. But last weekend I realized that it started sending spam messages and I was unable to use it. My contacts were complaining about getting anonymous messages and calls from my Skype account.

I was taken aback; even after such difficult password and security features; my Skype account got compromised.

How this could happen?

How can I get rid of it?

How to increase the security of my Skype account?

This became a common problem for thousands of Skype users; they were unaware of the coming threat to their personal life. The first and foremost thing you should do instantly is to change your password of the account linked with your Skype account the moment you realize that your account compromised.

This is really needed to get rid of any further damage which happened earlier; now you need to think about future security too. I did it because I don’t want hackers to spoil my Skype account and network once again.

You can increase your Skype security with two more security checks. Here you can provide your mobile number and alternate email id so if anyone tries to get unauthorized access then you will be well-informed with such activities and can avoid it before any damage happen.

First, go the following link //, and here make sure that hackers didn’t change anything. Now go to Account Setting and check if any unfamiliar linked account has been linked to your Skype account. If yes then click “Unlock” to remove it.

Keep updated with any such security alerts and change your account password frequently. Skype team is also there to help you and support you.

Read more:- //

5 Tips for troubleshooting your Printer

Till we are not in the complete paperless age, printers will remain important for day to day requirements. They prove to be of great use at home or office. Unfortunately, there are times when printers refuse to run. This can be frustrating when the work is of utmost priority. Here are some tips for troubleshooting your printer’s issues.

Check for Printer Connections

Before you open your printer and become a tech engineer yourself, do check the plugs and switches. Is the power on? Is your printer properly connected to the computer? Please make sure that the printer is properly connected to the computer through USB cable.

Printer’s Drivers Issue

Printers’ drivers are important to ensure the proper functioning of the printer. If your printer does not print some pages or the printed document has some unrecognized symbols, you need to reinstall the drivers. Most modern printers have a utility to update the drivers. However, you can find them online on any reliable website. Just make sure to install the drivers which are specifically designed for your model. This will ensure the best quality of printing.

Paper Jamming Issue

Paper jamming is one of the common issues with a printer. Paper can get stuck when the tray is overloaded. If a paper jam occurs, turn off the printer and remove the paper slowly by holding with both your hands. If bits of paper get stuck into the printer, it can cause damage to internal parts of the printer.

Low-Quality Prints

Low-quality prints refer to:

  • Smudged printouts.
  • Faded printouts.
  • Misaligned printouts.

Smudged printouts: If you see smudges in the printouts, there is the possibility of clogs in the printing nozzles. This issue can be resolved by simply cleaning the nozzles. Refer to the user manual which you receive with the printer for proper cleaning steps.

Faded print outs: If the printouts are faded or blank, it is time to change the cartridges.

Misaligned printouts: If the printouts are skewed, you need to adjust the alignment. Every printer has a feature to set the alignment. Use it to realign the print head. If you find any difficulty, call the manufacturer for printer support service.

Low Printing Speed

If you are using an inkjet printer and your printing requirements are heavy, switch to a laser printer. They are faster in comparison with inkjet. But, in case you want to continue with the inkjet, here are some tips to increase the printing speed.

  • Switch from high-quality mode to draft mode for documents which are of in-office use and do not require high quality. You can use high-quality mode for final reports and other important official documents.
  • Switch from duplex mode to simplex mode. Duplex mode lets you print on both sides of the paper. However, it decreases the printing speed. So, if speed is of utmost priority, use your printer on simplex mode.

If you can use the above basic fixes, your printer will run smoothly and your frustrations will become half. In cases where issues are of a complex nature, it is recommended to seek professional assistance.

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How to Recover MSN Email Account Password

MSN Email Account Password

MSN is considered as the best email service which is being in use by a large number of people all across the world. There are a wide number of features in MSN that really make it different from other email services that are available today. Many users really get confused among MSN, Hotmail, and Outlook, but these all are the products of Microsoft and get login with Microsoft account login page to manage all the activities.

Varied MSN services like Hotmail were later named as Windows Live Services. Here, one needs to have a Windows Live account name and password to login to the MSN account. Thus, changing the password after a certain duration of time is mandatory so that your account could remain away from the unethical approach. However, sometimes users forget their password while changing it or maybe because of other reasons. And, because of this reason, users become unable to have access to all the services that are interlinked with Windows Live and MSN.

However, retrieving Windows Live account name and password is too simple, but sometimes it really becomes critical. So, here you can go through the workaround shown in this post to have the recovery of MSN email account password:

Steps to recover MSN email account password

  • First of all, go directly to the account setup page

You can find this page at where you need to locate your name, and then need to click on it. You can find it in varied places according to services for which you are going to log in.

  • While going for, you need to move away in a downward direction until you reach Messenger, Twitter, and Facebook tab just given on the right side of a screen. Here, you need to click on the Messenger tab where you further need to click on “Hi<your name>.
  • While going to access Office, Photos, Hotmail, Office, or Windows Live homepage, you will find your name just at the upper right corner of a screen. Just click on the name to have access to your account settings.
  • After having access to account settings, just visit the password reset page.
  • Here, you need to choose the option “Reset your password”.
  • Now, you need to enter your Windows Live ID to change or reset your old password.
  • Now, you will find a box appeared on your screen with some characters.
  • Enter the characters shown on your screen.
  • Now, you will find the chance to enter your new password

This way, you have successfully received the password for your MSN email account. However, if you find any kind of trouble while going through these procedures or you need more information then you can dial an MSN technical support number. This number is going to help you in a great way to offer a fast and perfect solution for all kinds of MSN issues and queries.