How to Install a network printer in Mac OS

How to Install a network printer in Mac OS


Install a network printer in Mac OS

The network printer is a printer which is connected to a wired or wireless network. It could be Ethernet enabled and be cabled to an Ethernet switch, or it may connect to a Wi-Fi (wireless) network or both for printing directly from one or more devices connected on the same network. This enables users to take print from anywhere in that defined network or connectivity with the network.

You can easily enable this network printer on your computer system and for ease of printing. The network printer configuration is easy with Windows computer system, yet configuring the same on a Mac OS based device needs more details. In order to install network printer on Mac OS X based computer system, you need to be ready with these things.

  • Computer running Mac OS X 10.5 or newer
  • Internet access
  • Printer capable of network printing

Once you are ready with the above mentioned things then move ahead to configure the network printer on a Mac OS X based computer system with help of this step by step guide.

  • Start from your Mac OS based device
  • Here, you need to choose the System Preferences option from the Apple menu

Printer setup on Mac

  • And then double-click on Print & Scan (Print & Fax) option

Printer and Scan

  • Here, in the Print & Scan (Print & Fax) window, you need to click on the plus sign button given there

Printer Setup

  • After that click on the IP tab from the Print Browser window
  • Just set Protocol to HP Jetdirect – Socket
  • And for Address, you need to enter the IP address of the printer you want to add
  • Then leave the Queue field blank. As the Name and Location fields are for your reference to keep track of your printers and differentiate between multiple ones if you have
  • Now, for Print Using, do not choose Generic Postscript Printer here. The OS X will try to locate an appropriate driver but if it cannot then it is recommended to download the correct driver from the manufacturer, you need to get the correct driver for your printer if needed

install a network printer in Mac OS

  • And then click on Add button; here the lab printer will be added to your list of printers

how to add printer to mac

Your printer has been successfully incorporated with your own computer based on Mac OS X. You can test it by going for a test print from any of the devices available on your network.

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How to Attach the file in Yahoo Mail?


Years ago, you need to depend on the post offices to send or receive any documents. But email attachment is a blessing for today’s generation who does not need to wait for days to send any documents. You can share your vacation pictures with friends and family or send your resume to your dream job instantly. You can attach pictures, spreadsheets, PDF, doc, GIF and videos with your emails. But Yahoo limited the size of the attachment to 20 MB. If your attachment is more than 20 MB, then you can upload it to Dropbox and share the link in your email.

How to add files, photos, and GIFs in Yahoo mail?

Please find here the steps to add the files, photos, documents and GIFs in your emails.

  1. First of all, launch Yahoo mail
  2. Now click on the Compose button to open a new mail
  3. You have to click on the Attach icon
  4. Now select Attach file from the computer.
  5. You need to locate the file you want to attach to your computer and select it.
  6. Now click on Open
  7. The files will start to attach to your email.
  8. Now write the body and insert the receivers’ addresses and click on Send

Here are the steps to add files from the recent emails, clouds and GIFs from the internet.

  1. Open your Yahoo mail
  2. Click on Compose
  3. Now click on Attach File icon
  4. You can select the location from where you want to attach the files like;
  • Share files from cloud providers
  • Add photos from recent emails
  • Insert animated GIFs
  1. In the right column of the page, you can search for the items you want to attach.
  2. Now click on the file you want to select.
Yahoo Customer Service +1-888-335-2111

How to preview and download attachments?

The preview attachment option is a time and data saving option.

  1. Open the received email with the attachment.
  2. Now click on the thumbnail icon of the attachment.
  3. To preview the multiple attachments click on View All
  4. You need to click X after finishing.

How to download an attachment in Yahoo mail?

Yahoo scans all the attachment by default. So you can download them without any worry. Here are the steps to download it.

  1. Open the email with attachment from your inbox.
  2. Put your cursor over the attachment thumbnail.
  3. Now click on Download for single file and Download All for multiple files.
  4. Your server now saves the file in the default location of your computer.

What kind of issues users do face while attaching and downloading a file?

  • If you have the special character in the title then you may face problem in attaching and downloading the file. Remove the special character and try again.
  • Not all web browser support attaching and downloading files. Make sure your browser is compatible with the procedure.
  • Sometimes, Yahoo does not allow certain files which contain threats to security.

Access The Yahoo Mail App Now with Any Email Address



Transformation is a mandatory process nowadays to be on the top and Yahoo also isn’t behind in the race, despite having a couple of security breaches it managed to secure a huge database of active users worldwide beyond the imagination.

The members of the Yahoo Mail app keep working on the new features that help users to stay organized on the go with the help of customizable swipes, targeted notification, and the top search results. The new feature of the Yahoo app will bring the revolution in the internet world. Gone are the days, when you had to create a new account to access an email app or you could only access single email account of the same carrier.

Now, no matter you have the Yahoo account or not, you can access the Yahoo Mail app with an email address. From the welcome screen, you can choose the existing provider like Gmail or AOL or Hotmail etc. to create a Yahoo account. You need to give Yahoo permission to synchronize your email messages in the app itself. You can add as many accounts as you need.

Yahoo Mail App

The Yahoo Mail app has certainly a couple of rich features:

Appropriate Search Results: You don’t have to spend hours for searching a particular email as by entering a keyword, Yahoo Mail app highlights all the relevant emails or messages right away.

Contact only Notifications:  You get only a notification for the new email or message when it is from a person not from any marketing agency or boring newsletters.

Yahoo Customer Service +1-888-335-2111

Personalized Swipes: Unlike other email applications, Yahoo gives you an option to customize the swipes. Now you can choose the actions as per your convenience when you swipe left or right.

Address Book: Yahoo has a unique feature to mine the data that detects all the emails, phone numbers associated with it.  The featured is powered by Xobni and have the tendency to fetch the photos from the social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, so you experience the great images from the senders now and then.

Ditch the traditional Password: Now, there isn’t any need to remember the password anymore. Simply enable the account key and get inside with the help of a tap only.

Manage Multiple Mailboxes: If you have a Yahoo account, it is as easy to access and manage the email accounts from the other carriers like Gmail, Hotmail or AOL.

Follow this link :- Contact customer service team for Technical Assistance

Epson Expression ET-2550 Multi-Functional Inkjet Printer


Epson Expression ET 2550 Printer, a multi-functional inkjet printer, sets up instantly for quick printing. It is an integrated printer useful for daily printing, scanning and copying requirements.

The printer is designed to simplify the printing work with maximum efficiency through 9 ppm normal print speed. It has Contact Image Sensor (CIS) which enables high quality scanning with rich color reproduction.

With a paper handling capacity of up to 100 pages; the Epson ET supports glossy paper, single/double-sided presentation paper matte, all paper sizes (A4, A5, A6 and B5) and envelopes.

Features of Epson Expression ET 2550

  • Sleek design
  • Ultimate Performance
  • Wireless and cloud printing
  • High resolution printing and scanning with CIS
  • Inbuilt feature for direct scanning to Facebook
  • High quality images and text
  • Ultra Fast
  • Userfriendly

How to set up Epson Expression ET 2550?

Getting the Printer Ready

  • Remove the printer from packaging and take out the protective blue tape.
  • Connect power cable.
  • Open tank and remove the tank stoppers (lids).
  • Pour the ink into corresponding tanks (see the color labels above tanks) with care.
  • Replace the lids when ink is filled.
  • Switch on the printer power button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now Press and hold ‘OK’ for 3 seconds. The ink will take up to 20 minutes to charge up.
  • Now user can connect the printer to his computer, install the drivers and start using the printer.

Setting up and Registering in Epson Connect

  • Turn ON the printer.
  • Install Epson connect set up from the driver installation disk. Users can also download the Printer drivers form the online Epson store.
  • Start the Epson Connect; the program will automatically find the printer.
  • Select the printer and click Next/Continue.
  • Now select Printer Registration and click Next/Continue.
  • The License Agreement page will appear. Click on the box next to ‘Agree’ and then click Next/Continue.
  • Provide all the details and click Finish to complete the process.
Epson Customer Service +1-888-335-2111

Epson ET 2550 Printer Common Problems and Their Solutions

Problem: Red Light Blinking


The red blinking light indicates low ink level. The built-in ink level warning system is programmed to count till 4000 pages. So, when the printing level reaches, red light blinks.

The error can be cleared by removing the ink tanks while the light is blinking. Refill the tank with the ink when it is low.

Problem: Cartridge Recognition Errors


If ink system or cartridge is not recognized, check if you are using third party ink tanks or cartridges. Epson printers are designed not to recognize such parts.

Fix the error message by restarting the printer. If you still see the error, replace the third party part with original Epson parts.

Problem: Alignment Issue


Alignment issue means problem in the print head which shows misaligned vertical lines in the printed document.

This problem can be solved through Print Head Alignment tool. Access the printer software and set the print head to automatic alignment mode.

Problem: Paper Jam


To solve the issue, follow the steps given below:

Shut down the computer and press the paper button on the printer to eject the jammed paper. If this doesn’t work, open the printer cover and remove the jammed papers carefully. Reload the papers and press paper button to continue printing.

If you find it difficult to remove the jammed paper, don’t use force. Take help of a technician.

Problem: Low Print Quality


Low print quality might occur due to issue with the paper. Check if the paper is damp or curled. Make sure the paper meets the specifications provided in the user manual. You can also try cleaning the paper path and aligning the print head to solve the problem. If the issue exists, look for more solutions in the user’s guide.

Problem: Cannot start scan


Try the following fixes to solve the issue:

  • Check the cables if they are connected securely on both the ends.
  • Make sure Epson Scan is selected as your scanning program.
  • If system is running on Sleep or standby mode, bring it to normal mode.
  • Check if you are running multiple version of Epson Scan. Keep only one.

The User’s guide has solution to all the possible errors your printer could have. So refer to it. And, if you can’t follow the instructions provided there, assistance from a technician will be a good idea.

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Epson L220 Printer Setup & Installation

Problem with Epson printer setup for windows


Printers are the electronics devices which receive graphics and text outputs from computers and transfer them to papers. There are two types of printers. Inkjet printers basically complete the print job by spraying ink onto papers whereas laser printers use toner cartridges filled with very fine powder with a heated fuser.

Epson is a Japanese electronics company, creates Epson printers which are very reliable especially for the business users where print jobs demand are very high and back to back. Epson also provides a wide, range of printers for home users too.  The advantages of the Epson printers are as follows:

  • Ultra high-quality ink tank system for low-cost printing.
  • Hassle- free setup and reliable operation.
  • Easy refill and fast ink top-up technology for cleaning.
  • Inbuilt ink tubes prevent paper jams
  • Carefully designed air-tight caps, filters and tubes for less ink wastage.

Have you got the Epson printer? Or facing issues with the Epson printer setup? Take a chill pill as we have got the fix for you.

Epson Customer Service +1-888-335-2111

Follow the steps below for the smooth Epson printer setup

  1. First of all, you have to uninstall the existing printer driver.
  2. From the control panel remove the existing printer.
  3. Delete the temporary files, prefetch files and restart the system.
  4. Meanwhile turn on the Epson Printer and connect to the system firmly but carefully through the USB cable provided.
  5. Connect the printer to the network either by a wireless or an Ethernet connection.
  6. Make sure that there are enough papers in the supply tray and the printer is loaded with the genuine toner or cartridges.
  7. Now the moment you connect your printer with the Windows system, it starts downloading necessary drivers automatically. Do not close this pop-up or cancel the job.
  8. Visit the Epson Support Page as
  9. Select your printer type by model number or search it by the product name.
  10. Download and install the Epson Connect Printer Setup Application.
  11. Check the box “I accept the terms in the Licence Agreement” then press the “Next” button.
  12. Press the “Install” button and then followed by “Finish
  13. Choose your product and press the “Next” button.
  14. Choose the “Printer Registration” then click “Next
  15. Select “Agree” then again click “Next
  16. Register your printer with Epson here.
  17. For e-print or cloud print or remote print, you will have to create an account. If you already have an Epson account then sign-in here.
  18. You are done with the setup.

If you follow the steps mentioned above and before installation read the user manual carefully, it might be possible that you won’t face any error or issues. Most of the time when the wires aren’t connected properly you may get an error or an issue. If you aren’t sure about how to install cartridges, don’t try by yourself. Call the Epson Service Adviser or go to the nearest Epson Service Center for the help. Never try to rectify the hardware error by yourself as warranty may be void or your printer may damage. Always call the Epson Support Service Adviser for the troubleshooting and resolution.

How to Fix Skype Crash Issue on Windows 10?



A lot of people using Windows 10 are facing issues of Skype getting crashed on their desktop. There can be more than numerous reasons causing this error. This post is aimed at fixing the Skype crash error on Windows 10 operating system. Follow the steps thoroughly to get the favorable result for this annoying problem.

Steps to Fix Crash Issue on Windows 10

  1. First of all delete application data files of Skype from your system.
  2. To do so, go to C drive and open “users” folder. Locate App Data folder in it.
  3. If you are not able to locate it, it might be hidden in the system. To unhide it, select the tab view on the top left corner. A drop down will appear.
  4. Click on the last tab “options”, a window will appear.
  5. In this window, check the box with “Show hidden, files, folders and drives” option.
  6. Click on “Apply” and you will be able to see AppData folder. Double click on it.
  7. Now, double click on “Roaming” folder and then on Skype folder.
  8. Delete all the files present under this folder.
  9. Now you will need to re-install the Skype.
  10. To re-install Skype app, first, uninstall it by going to Control Panel > Programs and Features. Look for the Skype program. Right-click on it and click uninstall.
  11. Restart your PC after the application gets uninstalled.
  12. Now, download the compatible version of Skype for Windows 10 from a trustworthy source.
  13. Install and open the application.
  14. Sign in using your user id and password.
  15. Make sure you keep your Skype updated all the time.
  16. To manually look for Skype updates, just login to Skype application and go to “help” tab located on the upper left corner (next to “Tools” option).
  17. Click on “Help” option and located “Check for updates” column in the drop down.
  18. This will help you know if there is any update available for Skype or not.
Skype Customer Service +1-888-335-2111

In addition to above, also scan your system for any malicious virus or online threats. Keep your system up-to-date. Also, make sure that your drivers are up-to-date and webcam and headset are compatible with your Skype app.

In case if you still feel face crashing error in your Skype, you can always ask for assistance from us. Our technical support team are available round the clock. Our team assures that your problem is solved in the most prudent manner, without causing you a lot of your valuable time. Be it a crash issue, login errors, quality problem or any other sort of trouble, our team possesses enough expertise and potential to bring the best possible solution judiciously for all Skype related problems.

How to Get Better Call Quality in Skype


Skype application is indispensably a great mean of communication when it’s about business communication, call, video conferencing, sharing files and much more. The reliability and scalability of Skype make the software very useful for both personal and professional use. Smooth connectivity and user-friendliness are another great aspects which make Skype better than its competitor. However, many people find the call quality of Skype not up to their expectation and searches for ways to improve call quality in Skype. Considering this factor, with this post we will help you know a few tips and tricks to get better call quality on Skype. Follow the instructions properly and make the most of the Skype calls.

Skype Customer Service +1-888-335-2111

Steps to Getting Better Call Quality In Skype

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Skype. Not only you but make sure that the person you are calling is also using the latest version of Skype. You can always look for the latest version available on the official website of Skype.
  2. Check for your internet connection and ensure that it has a strong WiFi signal. For a better experience, go for a wired
  3. When making calls, try not use the internet for any other purposes like online videos, downloading, etc.
  4. Check your Webcam and Speaker/Microphone connection as they can also be a responsible for poor call quality in Skype. Make sure your speakers are not muted. You can make a test call to ensure that the Webcam and Headset are working fine.
  5. It is suggested to buy Headsets and Webcams that are recommended for Skype use. You can use this link to get the best set of Webcam and headset for your Skype calling.
  6. Make sure that your audio and video drivers are up-to-date.
  7. It is also suggested to check that your system meets the minimum system requirement to make a Skype call. In case you make Skype calls through a laptop, it is best to keep it on AC power as this will let your laptop perform to its maximum capacity.
  8. In case you are making a group call, your device should have enough processing potential and network bandwidth to bear the load. Group calls can sometimes put too much strain on your device (being a host) and which can result in poor call quality.

Performing all this action will surely take you Skype calling to a great level. But in case you still don’t get satisfied with the quality, you can have our expert’s advice that will help you improve the call quality in Skype easily and instantly. We offer our service round the clock, so feel free to contact as whenever you want.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Delete Facebook Account

Facebook doesn’t attract you anymore? Here is a guide to help you delete your Facebook account permanently from the social media platform.

Note: After you delete your Facebook account permanently, you cannot reactivate it or retrieve any data you have shared on your profile.

If you have decided not to use Facebook again, you can make a request to delete your account permanently. However, before moving ahead, you can download a copy of information you have shared on your profile. There might be some pictures which you only have in your social media account. In case you want to keep a backup of such pictures, get a data copy. Your data copy includes posts, photos, videos, conversations and about info. Let us help you in getting your data; follow these easy steps.

Steps to Delete Facebook Account

  • Sign in to your account and click the inverted triangle at the top right of your Facebook page. (Follow the red arrow in the image below.)

Facebook Support

  • Select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu that appear.
  • Find the ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’ link (indicated by red arrow) on the page that follows. Make sure ‘General’ option is selected on the left side panel. Click on it and follow the instructions.

Facebook General Settings

Once you have archived your data, you can move ahead to delete you Facebook account.

Facebook Customer Service +1-888-335-2111

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

This is like a second chance to think over your decision. If you still want to move ahead, click on ‘Delete my account.’ Follow the onscreen instructions to confirm which generally include entering your password and security text. See below.

Delete Your Facebook Account Permanent

It takes approximately 3 months (90 days) to delete all your posts, likes, status updates and other data stored in Facebook’s backup systems. Other people (your friends) using the social networking platform cannot access any of your data during the deletion process.

Please note that there are something related to you that cannot be deleted even if your profile is completely deleted. One of such thing is your messages in your friend’s inbox. They will remain till you friend is a member on the social networking platform. If you want them to be removed, contact the concerned person (your friend.)

Having troubles in deleting your account? Contact Technical Facebook support team to do it on your behalf.


Configure Yahoo mail on Windows 10

How to set up Yahoo mail on Windows 10

Windows 10 Mail app is the best in-house email client by Microsoft till date. It offers a smooth configuration to leading email services viz. Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. While for the first two configuration process is like a cakewalk, for the latter it is not. Yahoo users are facing signing in trouble with the Mail app. It would not be right to term it as a trouble; it is just a setting modification. So, here is what all Yahoo users can do and enjoy the amazing Window 10 Mail app.

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Make these changes in your Yahoo account before configuring to Windows 10 Mail App

  • Open your browser and log in to your Yahoo account.
  • Hover the mouse over your name in the top right corner and click on ‘Account Info.’
  • On the page that appears; select ‘Account security’ option from the left panel.
  • In the right side panel that appears; find ‘Allow apps that use less secure sign in’ option. Turn on the slider next to this option (move it to right with mouse.)
  • Click on ‘Save.’

After the above process is complete, configure your Yahoo! Mail account with the Windows 10 Mail app following the instructions below:

  • Use your Microsoft account to log in to Windows 10. Now click on the windows icon at the bottom left of the taskbar. Click on the ‘Mail’ tile to open the app.

Configure Yahoo mail on windows

  • A welcome page will appear with an ‘Add account’ option, click it.

Add yahoo mail account

  • From the list that appear on the screen; choose Yahoo Mail option. The above steps are common for all the email accounts you want to add.

windows 10 mail yahoo settings

yahoo windows live mail

  • Now you will be asked to enter a user name. Do that and click ‘Sign in.’

windows 10 yahoo mail app

  • Your account is now setup successfully. Syncing will start as soon as the setup is complete. Click ‘Done.’

yahoo mail settings for windows 10

Things didn’t work out well? Get Support for help Contact Yahoo customer service for immediately help.

Compromised Skype account


There are lots of reasons that I don’t want my Skype account to be secure. It has my professional contact details and conversations, this also has my personal contact too which I don’t want to be misuse by anyone. This is the reason that I use a difficult password and try protecting my Skype account; you can say it was “hack proof.”

Yes; you got it correct. I had that feeling because I was using a difficult password for protection and kept an eye for more security. But last weekend I realized that it started sending spam messages and I was unable to use it. My contacts were complaining about getting anonymous messages and calls from my Skype account.

I was taken aback; even after such difficult password and security features; my Skype account got compromised.

How this could happen?

How can I get rid of with it?

How to increase security of my Skype account?

This became a common problem for thousands of Skype users; they were unaware about the coming threat on their personal life. The first and foremost thing you should do instantly is to change your password of the account linked with your Skype account the moment you realize that your account compromised.

Skype Customer Service +1-888-335-2111

This is really needed to get rid of any further damage which happened earlier; now you need to think about future security too. I did it because I don’t want hackers to spoil my Skype account and network once again.

You can increase your Skype security with two more security checks. Here you can provide your mobile number and alternative email id so if anyone try to get unauthorized access then you will be well-informed with such activities and can avoid it before any damage happen.

First go the following link; and here make sure that hackers didn’t change anything. Now go to Account Setting and check if any unfamiliar linked account has been linked to your Skype account. If yes then click “Unlock” to remove it.

Keep updated with any such security alerts and change your account password frequently. Skype team is also there to help you and support you.


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