How to solve Yahoo mail problems

How to solve Yahoo mail problems


If you are a Yahoo Mail account user and finding problems with your account then you need to solve it as earliest possible. This is needed to use your account without a problem. Well, how to solve common Yahoo mail problems; we are sharing a quick guide for you.

Problem while Signing-in Yahoo mail

If you face problems while signing-in your username and password then you should get help from Yahoo’s “Sign-in Helper.” If any such problem occurs then you need to confirm that you are using the correct username and password. But if you forgot then you can reset it by following on-screen instructions.

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Unable to send/receive emails

When you experience a problem while sending or receiving emails from your Yahoo mail account then you need to check and fix it. You can solve problems of sending an email by checking sent folder, drafts folder, and additional check for the correct email address. Additionally ask your receiver to check their spam, filters, and blocked address list.

If you are unable to receive emails then check your spam folders, blocked address list, and filters too.

Poor loading and missing buttons/menus

Your Yahoo mail is taking more time than usual to load or buttons and menus are missing then you need to check whether you upgrade your browser or not. This is really needed to stay updated with the browser for a flawless interface with your Yahoo mail account. Simply check the respective browser’s latest update and install it.

Inbox full of spam

Annoying spam is the biggest problem for Yahoo mail users. If you are one of those who’ inbox is jam-packed with spam mail then we have a solution for you. If you find any spam email in your inbox then simply mark them “Spam” and you can report them as “Report Spam”, “Report a Phishing Scam”, “Report a Hacked Account” or “Not my mail”. This will avoid any further spam emails, additionally, you can easily “Unsubscribe” from such a sender list easily.

Missing contacts/ emails

Imagine when you accidentally deleted any of email from Yahoo mail and facing problems to recover it then you can easily raise a request to restore once again in the first 7 days of deleting.

You can also restore your deleted contacts from your Yahoo mail. Simply go to Contacts icon and click on Deleted Contacts; here you can store deleted contacts easily.

How to add an alternate email address or mobile number on Yahoo mail


Yahoo! Mail offers good options to ensure your account security. We will be discussing the most common and basic security options which you need to add in order to rescue yourself from lockout situations. These are adding a mobile number and alternate email address to your Yahoo account. Apart from these two options, you can enable two-step verification for added security. Let’s have a look at these two for now.

Add Mobile Number on Yahoo Mail

yahoo mail login page

  • In your mailbox at the top right corner, you will see your name. Move the mouse over it; a drop-down will appear. Click on the ‘Account Info’ link.

Yahoo account info page

  • On the page that appears, click on the ‘Account security’ option in the left side panel.

Add alternate Yahoo phone number

  • Click the ‘Phone Numbers’ link in the right-side panel. A window will appear asking you to add a recovery phone number to your account.

add phone number on yahoo mail

  • Select the country and enter the mobile number. Choose from ‘Send SMS’ or ‘Call Me’ options.

alternate add phone number

  • You will receive a verification code; enter it and click ‘Verify.’

Verify alternate yahoo mobile number

Add Alternate Email Address on Yahoo! Mail

  • Log in to your Yahoo account.
  • Find your name in the mailbox at the top right corner. Hover your mouse over it and you will see a dropdown. Select the ‘Account Info’ option.
  • Select the ‘Account security’ option on the left side menu.
  • Look for the ‘Add recovery email address’ option on the right-side panel. Click it.
  • Enter the alternate email address in the field provided and click the button ‘Send verification email.’ This email address will be used when you are locked out or for security notifications.
  • Now you will be asked to verify the email address. For this just go to the sign-in page of the email address you just provided. Sign in and see if you received an email from Yahoo.
  • Open the email and click on the link provided there. It will take you to log in page of Yahoo. Enter your password and you are done. Your email address is now verified.
  • In case you don’t see any email message from Yahoo in your alternate id mailbox, check the spam folder. Still can’t see the mail? Go to the Yahoo email verification page and look for the ‘Resend’ option and click it. Follow the above two steps again.

You can also get help from yahoo email support expert’s team by following this link:- Customer Support Service 24/7

How to Check Recent Yahoo! Mail Login Activities


Yahoo allows you to monitor your recent log-in activities so that you can keep your account safe. If you find any unfamiliar log-in, you can track the IP address. However, do remember that unfamiliar log-in is sometimes due to legitimate reasons such as Internet provider using proxy location or mobile device picking the wrong location. So, take the necessary steps after analyzing every aspect.

Checking Recent Yahoo Login Activity

  • Sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account with a valid email id and password.

Yahoo Sign in Page

  • When you are redirected to your mailbox, you will see your user name on the top right side. Move your mouse over it and a small screen will appear. Select the ‘Account Info’ link.

Yahoo Account info page


  • You can reach the ‘Account Info’ page from the gear icon too. Locate the icon next to your user name. Move the mouse over it and from the drop-down select the last option ‘Account Info.’
  • On the page that follows, click on the ‘Recent activity’ option (third option) on the left side menu.

Yahoo Recent Login Activity

  • When you click it, you will see the ‘Recent activity’ page on the right side listing your recent login activities. You will see your browser name and session records. Sing-in history of the past 30 days is maintained by Yahoo.

Yahoo mail activity login help

  • Go through all activities and see if you find anything suspicious. Click on the activity that is unfamiliar and a pop-up window will appear showing your sign in details from that device for the past 30 days. You will also see the IP address used for sign-in.
Important: If you see any unusual login activity, click on the ‘change your password’ link at the top of recent activity details. Take the step immediately to save your account from the potential hack.

Change Yahoo mail password

Found Something Suspicious?

If you found something suspicious, the first thing is to change your password. If you want to track the IP address and hacker, follow this. Note down the IP address you see for suspicious login. It will be used to track the hacker since IP addresses are unique. Work with local Internet service providers or cybercrime cell in your area to track the IP address and hacker. There are chances that the person using that IP address is not at fault because accounts are compromised using the automated hacking program.

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How to Recover Comcast Email Password

how-to-recover-comcast-xfinity-email-password is an amazing email service provider. This works to give you more security and avoid spamming. Our email conversations are precious as well personal too; we don’t want them to get access by some wrong person. And of course, who wants to allow illegal access into own email account; this was the reason Comcast designed this highly secured email service.

We all use a security password to get access of our Comcast email address by its user only. This is very common to forget or lose the password of your email address. If you are searching the way to recover your Comcast email password then you are at the correct place.

If you forget your Comcast email password or if you want to change it then this guide will help you. To once again get access to your Comcast email, voicemail or text messages from  or

Steps To Recover Comcast/Xfinity Email Password

Recover Comcast Xfinity Password

  • Hereby typing the moving letters in the box you need to complete the security check

How to Recover Comcast Email Password

  • Then click on Continue button
  • Here you need to choose a method for recovering your password from the options listed and then click on Continue

Method Of Recover Comcast Password

NoteYou can reset your password with secret question and answer; for this method click on Try a different method and follow on-screen instructions

  • Here confirm your suitable selection on the next page and click Continue button

Comcast Email Password

  • If you want to reset the password via email then check your email and click on Reset my password

How to Reset Comcast Xfinity Password

  • If you want to reset the password via text message then simply check your text messages and enter the reset code which you will receive on your mobile number
  • Finally, click on Continue button

Reset Comcast Mail Password

  • Now create a new password and confirm it too

Create New Comcast Email Password

  • Then click on Continue button

Here a confirmation message will pop-up and now you can access your Comcast email with a new password

Comcast Xfinity Mail Account Password

Follow this link to Comcast email customer services for email help.

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How to Change Yahoo Account Password


Yahoo account is secure with a password that you use while signing up. You can get access to your Yahoo account with that password. In the recent past, frequent attacks on Yahoo account and hacking makes it more prone.

You need to keep your account safe and secure with a strong password if you don’t have any. In case; you haven’t changed your password for a long while or if you forgot your Yahoo Account password then you can change it easily. We have this guide for you which helps to change your Yahoo Account Password from various devices.

Change Yahoo Password from Desktop/Web browser

If you are using a web browser or using a desktop then you need to follow these steps. Here you should be ready with a new password that contains a letter, numbers, and special characters too. This helps to create a stronger and secure password.

  • The first step is to go to your Yahoo Account Info page with your username and password but if you are using the browser on your mobile device then tap on the Menu icon and sign-in


Change Yahoo Account Info

  • Here you need to click on Account Security option

Yahoo Account Settings

  • Now click on Change password

Change Yahoo mail Password

  • Then you need to enter and confirm your new password; make sure passwords are case-sensitive too. Here you need to create a unique password

Change New Yahoo Mail Password

  • Then click on Continue for final submission

Yahoo mail password

  • Your Yahoo Account password has been changed; use new password now onwards

Change Yahoo Account Password from Android Mobile App

Change Yahoo Account Password from Android Mobile App

This is a quick process as you can directly change your Yahoo password within the app. See how it works with these steps.

  • First, you need to open Yahoo app from your Android-based mobile phone that your account is signed-in
  • Here tap on the Menu icon
  • Then go to Manage Accounts and tap on it
  • Here beside your account, you need to tap on Account info
  • And then find Security Settings; simply tap on it
  • Now you need to tap on Change Password
  • Then you need to tap on No, I want to change my password
  • Simply follow on-screen instructions and provide a new & unique password

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Change Yahoo Account Password from iPhone Mobile app

Change Yahoo Account Password from iPhone Mobile app

Your iPhone uses one of the most secure OS in mobile devices. But for extra security and safety, you can change your Yahoo password from iPhone too. In fact, this will help you to protect from unauthorized access to your Yahoo account. You can easily change your Yahoo account password with this step-by-step guide.

  • If you want to change your Yahoo password form iPhone then go to “Yahoo” app on your phone
  • Now, at the top left tab on the Sidebar of this app window
  • You need to scroll down and tap on “Account info
  • Here from the personal window that comes you need to tap on “Account Security” and then tap on “Change Security” option
  • Now you need to enter a new password of 8-32 characters and then re-enter the password for confirmation
  • And finally, tap on “Continue”; your password has been changed now
  • Now you can get access with a new password

Reset forgotten Yahoo account password

If you forgot your Yahoo account password or if you are unable to recall it or maybe you are not able to sign-in with your Yahoo account password then you can reset it to gain access to your account once again. If you want to reset your Yahoo password then click on Yahoo online helper and change it.

If you still find any problem with changing or resetting your Yahoo account password then you can get an instant solution from our toll-free helpline number for Yahoo customer service and support team.

How to set up Printer on Windows 10


Windows 10 is the latest operating system of Microsoft Corporation. All the latest computers and laptops based on Microsoft OS are powered with Windows 10 OS. This OS has its new and many exciting features for users.

Users who are not very much familiar with Windows 10 OS, they are struggling to install their existing printer on it. We bring a solution for you to set up your printer easily on your Windows 10 based computer system in just 10 minutes.

Usually, printers come with PnP (Plug and Play) functionality but sometimes it doesn’t work and then we need to install it manually.

5 Tips for troubleshooting your Printer

Set up Printer on Windows 10

  • First, you need to sign-in or log on to your Windows 10 based computer with an administrator account
  • Then connect your printing device to the PC
  • Now Click the START button from the desktop screen
  • From the Start menu, click Settings

Set Up Printer On Windows 10

  • Now click on the SETTINGS window, click Devices

Printer Set Up

  • As the DEVICES window opens up then from the left pane you need to make sure that the Printers & Scanners category is selected
  • Here from the right pane, under the Add printers & scanners section, you need to click on Add a printer or scanner
  • Now wait while Windows searches for the connected printer

NoteIf Windows finds the printer then you can Click its name and further follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. But if your OS fails to detect the printer then you can move to step 9

Add Printer and Scanner

  • But if Windows cannot detect your connected printer then click on The printer that I want isn’t listed link

Printer Support Services

  • Here on the Find a printer with other options window, click to select the Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings radio button option
  • And click Next to continue

Connect Printer Set Up

  • Now on the Choose a printer port window, leave the default options selected and click Next

NoteIf you are an advanced user, you can also choose a different option from the “Use an existing port drop-down list” or you can choose your own port manually. Simply select the option of Create a new port and here specify the port in the given field before you click on Next button

Set Up Printer Help

  • Then on the “Install the printer driver” window, from the displayed list of printer manufacturers in the left pane, simply click to select the one to which the connected printer belongs
  • Here from the right section, locate and click to select the specific model of the printer that is connected to the PC

NoteIf you have already downloaded the driver for printer manually from its official website then you can also click the Have Disk button and browse for the driver of the connected printer

  • Now click Next to proceed to the next step

Printer Support

  • On the “Type a printer name” window, in the Printer name field, type an informative name for the printer and click Next

Printer Set up services

  • On the Printer Sharing window, make sure that the Share this printer so that others on the network can find and use it radio button is selected

NoteBut if you do not want other network users to use this printer then you can select the Do not share this printer radio button and jump to step 20

  • Here in the Share name field, type a short share name for the printer

Note – This name will be displayed to the remote users when they search for this printer over the network which you specified here. Optionally you can populate the Location and Comment fields with your preferred information

  • Then click Next to continue

Printer Customer Support

  • On the final page of the wizard, and now optionally you can check the proper functioning and connectivity of the printer by clicking on Print a test page button.
  • Finally, click Finish to complete the process.

Still, Need Help? You may contact at Epson printer support number for Set up, Troubleshooting, etc.

How to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Password


No surprise; you can forget your Gmail password too. This became a common issue when a Gmail account user is unable to get into the mailbox and check mail due to incorrect password or when the user had forgotten the email account password.

Well, Gmail already worked on it and created this password recovery solution for all Gmail users. They can reset the forgotten password after verifying the email account. You can learn it here.

Steps to Recover a Forgotten Gmail Password

Before you proceed for password recovery, you need to make sure you either

  • Have a secondary email address specified for your Gmail account or
  • Have not logged into your Gmail account for 5 days
  • After that, you need to go to the Gmail sign page and click on the Forgot password?
  • If asked, then you need to type your complete Gmail email address over entering your email on the Account support page
  • Then, you need to click on Next button
  • This will prompt you the further recovery process, though you need to verify your account

Then, you need to answer a number of questions so Gmail can verify your account.

  • Simply, enter your answer as well as you can and click on Next button or
  • You can click on Try a different question if you cannot answer or do not have access to the secondary email address, say, or a phone number; this will give you clear guidance for recovery

How Gmail will verify your account?

A previous password – A previous password can help you here. When you recently changed your password and unable to recall it, you can use the previous password and get into your Gmail account

Verification using a code if using the Two-Step verification method – When you are using the Two-Step Verification method. There will be any of these alternatives to get the control of your account

  • An SMS text message received from Google
  • An app (e.g. Google Authenticator)
  • Printed back-up codes

Enter the phone number used for verification if prompted – You need to enter the phone number which you use for verification

A phone number set up for account recovery in Gmail – When you have set up a phone number for recovery; you will receive an SMS text message from Gmail that contains a verification code, which you need to use. Once you enter that code; you will get the password reset with a new one.

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How to Set Up SMTP Settings for Yahoo mail?



Now you don’t have to take the pain of signing your Yahoo mail account every time to send/receive emails because setting up SMTP for Yahoo mail will help you in managing your messages directly from the program.

Apart from this, you can also set up an incoming POP3 or IMAP server for receiving Yahoo mail in your email applications like Thunderbird, Outlook inbox.

If you also want to get free from daily signing headache, then you need to set up SMTP settings and to do this you can take the help of these steps.

Yahoo Mail SMTP server setting:

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server

Server –

Port – 993

Requires SSL – Yes

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

Server –

Port – 465 or 587

Requires SSL – Yes

Requires authentication – Yes

Your login info

Email address – Your full email address ([email protected])

Password – Your account’s password

Requires authentication – Yes

Carefully read these steps and follow to set up SMTP settings for Yahoo mail:

  • Open your email application on your computer system and you need to create a new account.
  • After that, you need to set up an account by entering the complete name as well as a Yahoo email address.
  • Then you need to type “” into the given text field for the outgoing mail.
  • You can use“” in case you have a Yahoo Business Email account.
  • Next, you need to enter “465” as the port number.
  • Afterward, you need to enable SSL authentication for your SMTP connection.
  • Type your complete Yahoo email address into the username box. In addition, if you use Yahoo Business Email and you have an email address at your website in its place of, you need to type “[email protected]”.
  • Replace you with your email account name and also “” with the website’s domain name.
  • Finally, enter your Yahoo account’s password and quickly save your settings.

Note: Yahoo’s SMTP has set a strict boundary of 500 outbound emails per day as well as you can send each message to 100 recipients. The limit has been fixed to stop spammers from using it for their unwanted messages in a mailbox. For sending a mass email, you should absolutely switch to a devoted outgoing server.

The setup process is quite easy and for any doubts connected to server settings, you can consult Yahoo professional to get the timely assistance.

Yahoo Mail Server not Responding


Every mail account has its own significance and known for great emailing features among the users. Among many email services, Yahoo is considered as one of the best email service provider with cool features. Sometimes users fail to experience its services due to a poor internet connection, server issue, or due to some other reason.

If the specific reason is “mail-server not responding” issue, then you just need to sit back and relax because this is the situation when you can’t do anything by yourself. Since it’s a server issue so you have to wait for sometimes and wait for the issue to automatically get fixed.

From your end, you can try these tips, maybe it can work.

Some of the tips for fixing Yahoo mail server not responding issues are:

Tips 1– Try login after deleting temporary internet files

As everyone knows that web browsers are used for keeping the temporary files, browsing history, and caches in it. Slowly and slowly, it piles up more and more files with a browser and you started experiencing an issue of smooth functioning in your browser.

Solution– The solution is simple, you just need to delete these files and get rid of this issue instantly.

Tips 2– Try a network connection test

If you think that your Yahoo is slow or mail server is not responding maybe because of the poor internet connection, then fix it immediately.

Solution- A strong internet connection is very important and in case your internet connection is not proper, you won’t be able to experience the best services of Yahoo mail account. You need to check your network connection and fix it as per the situation.

Tips 3- Remove and re-add Yahoo Mail on device

Solution – iOS Mail app

Steps to remove your account

  • At the initial stage, you need to tap Settings and Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • After that, you have to tap your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Then you need to tap Delete Account.
  • And tap Delete to confirm.

The process to re-add your account

  • Initially, tap Settings and Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Now you need to tap Add Account and Yahoo.
  • Then after entering your name, password, email address, and your full email address in the “Description” field.
  • Next, tap Next.
  • Finally, tap Save.

These tricks are helpful for you in troubleshooting the Yahoo mail server not responding issue.

How to delete browser history or clear caches & cookies


“Outdated pages

WebPages freezing

WebPages not loading

WebPages being unresponsive!!!”

What to do now?

The internet is quick and users want to get their page uploaded as earliest possible. When you are using an internet browser, but if it takes time to upload your page; will switch to another internet browser. The cache or web cache is temporary memory storage of HTML pages and images, to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived lag. This will help to load your page quickly. Whenever you will try to visit the same page; cache stored image, documents, text, video and other will directly fetch from this temporary memory with wasting time to download them once again.

This information is supposed to be recreated every time you click on a particular webpage respectively. Well, sometimes it will create problems when it gets corrupted. This will give you error or chances are that you couldn’t be able to visit the page. The solution to such errors related to your caches or browsing history can be fixed simply by deleting it. Different internet browsers have different methods to delete browser history or clear caches and cookies.

Learn to delete browser history or clear caches & cookies

If you are using Google Chrome browser

  • The first step is to click on Customize Chrome option from Google Chrome settings icon and select History, this will open the history window
  • Here click on Clear browsing data, you will be directed to Clear browsing data window
  • From the Obliterate the following items from the drop-down menu, you need to select the beginning of time option here
  • Now check Cached images and files
  • And click on Clear browsing data
  • You can restart your Chrome now

 If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) browser

  • From your IE, go to Tools and click on Internet Options
  • Here from the Browsing history, click on the Delete option
  • Now check Temporary Internet files and website files
  • Then click on Delete and click on OK button
  • Now restart Internet Explorer for a refreshing experience

 If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser

  • Go to Tools option and select History from your browser
  • Now click on Clear Recent History, this will open the Clear Recent History window
  • From the Time range to clear drop-down menu, you need to select Everything
  • Then click on the down arrow next to Details option
  • Here select Cache and click on Clear Now
  • After that restart your Firefox browser and enjoy browsing

 If you are using Safari browser or Mac OS’

  • First, go to Safari settings and click on Clear History and Website Data
  • From the Clear menu, go for your defined time frame you wish to delete
  • And then click on Clear History
  • Now restart Safari for an uninterrupted browsing experience