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5 Tips for troubleshooting your Printer

Till we are not in the complete paperless age, printers will remain important for day to day requirements. They prove to be of great use at home or office. Unfortunately, there are times when printers refuse to run. This can be frustrating when the work is of utmost priority. Here are some tips for troubleshooting your printer’s issues.

Check for Printer Connections

Before you open your printer and become a tech engineer yourself, do check the plugs and switches. Is the power on? Is your printer properly connected to the computer? Please make sure that the printer is properly connected to the computer through USB cable.

Printer’s Drivers Issue

Printers’ drivers are important to ensure the proper functioning of the printer. If your printer does not print some pages or the printed document has some unrecognized symbols, you need to reinstall the drivers. Most modern printers have a utility to update the drivers. However, you can find them online on any reliable website. Just make sure to install the drivers which are specifically designed for your model. This will ensure the best quality of printing.

Paper Jamming Issue

Paper jamming is one of the common issues with a printer. Paper can get stuck when the tray is overloaded. If a paper jam occurs, turn off the printer and remove the paper slowly by holding with both your hands. If bits of paper get stuck into the printer, it can cause damage to internal parts of the printer.

Low-Quality Prints

Low-quality prints refer to:

  • Smudged printouts.
  • Faded printouts.
  • Misaligned printouts.

Smudged printouts: If you see smudges in the printouts, there is the possibility of clogs in the printing nozzles. This issue can be resolved by simply cleaning the nozzles. Refer to the user manual which you receive with the printer for proper cleaning steps.

Faded print outs: If the printouts are faded or blank, it is time to change the cartridges.

Misaligned printouts: If the printouts are skewed, you need to adjust the alignment. Every printer has a feature to set the alignment. Use it to realign the print head. If you find any difficulty, call the manufacturer for printer support service.

Low Printing Speed

If you are using an inkjet printer and your printing requirements are heavy, switch to a laser printer. They are faster in comparison with inkjet. But, in case you want to continue with the inkjet, here are some tips to increase the printing speed.

  • Switch from high-quality mode to draft mode for documents which are of in-office use and do not require high quality. You can use high-quality mode for final reports and other important official documents.
  • Switch from duplex mode to simplex mode. Duplex mode lets you print on both sides of the paper. However, it decreases the printing speed. So, if speed is of utmost priority, use your printer on simplex mode.

If you can use the above basic fixes, your printer will run smoothly and your frustrations will become half. In cases where issues are of a complex nature, it is recommended to seek professional assistance.

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how do I setup brother printer to another printer

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Printing is printing a blank page instead of Data that I want to print. What do I do. Was printing fine.

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